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#Austria #G310H #gov Jul 24, 2023, an interagency platform for immediate help and information on Austrian public administration information and issues, recently announced enhanced support for using FIDO2 security keys as MFA devices.
As a result, the TrustKey G310H security key is compatible and can be used with ID Austria.

Which FIDO security keys are compatible with ID Austria and where are they available?

Tokens that support FIDO2 Level 2 certified with WebAuthn can be used with ID Austria. This is currently fulfilled by:

• Trustkey G310H
• GoTrust Idem Key FIDO2
• Yubico Security Key NFC in schwarz (USB-A + NFC, USB-C + NFC)
• Yubico YubiKey FIPS Series (5 NFC FIPS, 5C NFC FIPS, 5C FIPS, 5 Nano FIPS, 5C Nano FIPS, 5Ci FIPS)

Common models usually offer connection via USB or NFC to your computer. They can be purchased in stores and can cost between 30 euros and 70 euros, depending on the model.
We recommend using them on the Windows operating system and using common browsers like Chrome or Firefox to ensure smooth operation.
An overview of FIDO2 support on operating systems and browsers can be found at

To order your TrustKey today, visit and start protecting your accounts with TrustKey as your ID Austria anti-phishing MFA.




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