TrustKey Login

No more passwords mean no more reuse of personal passwords for business accounts, no more forcing users to change passwords and no more passwords written on sticky notes!

Problems with passwords are an ongoing struggle for organizations. Organizations deploying password policies and expecting users to execute the policies to deadbolt the entry point to their private network is a tough proposition. Users find innovative ways to circumvent difficult to execute policies by creating inadvertent security holes, such as, publicly sharing passwords by writing them down on paper, in email and/or files which then really become shared secrets therefore defeating the purpose of the policies which were deployed to safeguard the assets. It is a catch-22 situation. Without a password policy to force users to come up with strong passwords, it is inevitable for users to fall back generating simple passwords and/or cross-contaminate accounts by using the same password as used on their personal accounts. These flawed policies are done at the cost and frustration of IT teams for resetting and managing user passwords.

TrustKey introduces TrustKey Login. TrustKey Login is a passwordless solution for organizations who are on on-prem Active Directory and looking for ways to alleviate the password hassles. Installing TrustKey Login installs Windows launch screen and TrustKey Login Manager. They work in conjunction with TrustKey FIDO server and FIDO security keys (G310H and G320H are compatible with TrustKey Login) to provide strong and convinent authentication for the users. You can download from the link below.

Download Pre-Release Version Here →

What is TrustKey Login?

FIDO Authenticated solution for
  • Passwordless Windows PC logon
  • Passwordless AD Domain logon


Why TrustKey Login?

  • Password is the root problem; need to go passwordless

    • Credentials stolen

      5 Million records are comprised every day

    • Cost of resetting password

      $70 cost per password reset (20-50% support tickets for password reset)

    • Phishing attacks

      60% of U.S. organizations experienced successful credential phishing attacks

    • Password reuse

      51% of users reuse the same passwords over and over

    Source : FIDO Alliance
  • Complete passwordless system using TrustKey Login

  • Multi PC login

    Passwordless Multi PC login

  • Web login

    Web login

  • Offline login

    Offline login

  • Emergency recovery

    Emergency recovery PC login

Source : FIDO Alliance

TrustKey Login Benefit

  • One Key does all for your Authentication needs
  • AD login
  • Web login

TrustKey Login features

easy login
Easy to logon

● Logon is so simple: no typing, no password

● Just click and touch; no Phone hassle

offline mode
Offline login

● Offline AD logon possible without internet connection

recovery icon
Recovery code

● Provides temporary logon mechanism using a recovery code when the key is missing

● Minimize downtime

lock icon
Simple, secure, and error proof

● Significantly lowers logon attempt failures

● No regular password change hassles

cash icon

● Flexible Pricing models for SMB to Enterprise use

● Perpetual or Subscription pricing to meet your needs

TrustKey Login Deliverables

  • Perpectual license

    Perpetual License Option

  • Subscription

    Cloud (Subscription) Option